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Care for Environment

Everyone should play a part to protect the earth and the environment we live in.

Thatz care for Mother Earth through the following initiatives:

  1. conserving energy and improving energy efficiency,
  2. reducing our greenhouse emissions, and
  3. conserving natural resources by reusing and recycling materials and using recyclable packaging and materials.

Thatz recognises the impacts that its operations might have on the environment. Thatz is committed to minimise the adverse effects of those impacts through the implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS). Thatz strives to continually improve the Environmental management system and performance and periodically issue progress reports to the general public.

Refer to the attached for Thatz Environmental Policy and Environmental Report:
  1. Thatz Environmental Policy
  2. Thatz Business Conduct Principles
  3. Thatz Corporate Sustainability Report
  4. Thatz Environmental Report