Delivering the best values. Meeting your business objectives.

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Our Belief

Thatz aims to provide unique solutions and quality resources to meet the growing global demand for such services and resources (Outsourcing and Human Capital) by businesses to compete in the new economy.

Our Mission Statement
  • To identify and continuously grow the team of quality, as well as, reliable talents that fits Thatz's brand and business needs.
  • To embrace and maximize the relevant and best technologies, couple with the best business practices to enhance Thatz's business competitiveness and to be a consistent leader in this business.
  • To be realistic in our business expansion plan, maximize business returns with planned expenses and have regular review of market conditions and demands.

Our Core Values

At Thatz, we embrace the following values to advance as one organization:

Integrity . System . Consistency . Forward Looking . Humanity and Environmental Friendly

Our Delivery

At Thatz, we are committed to differentiate, as well as, deliver extra values to everyone that we work with, through:

Quality . Speed . Technology . Right-Pricing