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Thatz have the expertise and technical know-how to help your organization and we are committed to delivering good results. We have many successful stories to tell, with some of the examples listed below:

24x7 Managed Services
  • IT Service Desk and On-site Support (Customer: An International UK Based Insurance Company)

    We helped to establish the "One-stop" IT Service Desk and On-site Support Services with a ticketing system for an International Insurance Company. Our team of IT Service Desk and On-site Support Engineers has set very high standards in servicing the users. They consistently achieve over 95% in their service levels, in some instances at 100%. The Service Desk team has also been providing helpdesk support the customer's Middle East users.

  • NOC & Data Centre Operations Management (Customer: A Class 3 NOC and Data Centre Provider)

    We work with the customer to ensure that their highly sensitive and advance Data Centers are managed and operated by a team of highly effective and customer oriented executives on a 24x7 basis. The operations team is tasked to carry out network and facilities management, systems and security monitoring, as well as, customer support to both government and international MNCs' IT specialists to ensure high availability of their solutions to their users, and for change request and new implementations.

  • IT On-Site Support (Customer: A Healthcare Organization in Singapore)

    We partner an International IT Vendor to provide a team of highly energetic and result oriented IT On-Site Support Engineers to service a Healthcare Organization on 24x7 basis. The team also carries out I.M.A.C. activities on regular basis. In addition, our engineers were trained and are prepared to support emergency needs, such as the H1N1 pandemic. We ensure backfill engineers are ready to cover the core support team, which is part of our contingency plan.

Business Solutions Consultancy
  • Business Turnkey Solutions and Maintenance (Customer: An Integrated Hong Kong Based Business, Corporate and Investor Services Company)

    We were initially engaged to provide software maintenance to their legacy share registration system. We were then engaged to redevelop the system on a new technology standard (MS.NET), as per our proposal. We managed to complete the system in a timely manner and are currently providing change request and maintenance support to our customer.

  • Web Services and Interactive Portals (Customer: A Media and Broadcasting Organization)

    We had a team of dedicated IT Software Specialists develop, enhance and maintaining the customer’s web systems using the latest Microsoft technologies. We are privileged to have a team to be able to use new and cutting edge technologies to support the media industry.

  • Product Research and Development

    At Thatz, we believe in innovation and embracing technology to enhance business competitiveness and growth. We have a team of software engineers carrying out R&D work in creating a new business solution that will help mankind in our daily personal and professional activities. Look out for this space!

Corporate IT Support and Maintenance for Representative / Branch Offices and SMEs
  • An International UK Based Financial News & Indices Service Provider

    We provide a "One-stop" IT Support services to the Singapore branch of the Financial News & Indices Service Provider. Our dedicated Engineers provide IT Helpdesk, On-site support and weekly maintenance services at their Singapore branch office. As we understand the importance of "breaking news", our Engineer did not hesitate to provide technical support to the Chief Bureau at his home when there were emergencies

  • An SGX Listed Manufacturing Company with a plant in Penang, Malaysia

    The customer was facing numerous turnover of IT staffs and they lack proper IT documentations. Within 3-months of outsourcing to us, we successfully stabilized their MIS and end-user support structure at their Penang facilities. With the guidance from our Singapore team, the Engineer proposed and put in place a more robust IT Infrastructure to support the customer's needs in Penang.

IT Professional Services
  • RAM Upgrade Project for (Customer: An International US Based General Insurance Company)

    Our team of I.M.A.C. Engineers was able to complete the RAM upgrade for the General Insurer's corporate wide Desktops and Laptops earlier than the projected schedule, with the team getting compliments from our customer.

  • Web Systems' Migration (Customer: An International US Based General Insurance Company)

    Our software consultants also successfully upgraded the General Insurer's Web Portal from the Windows NT to the Windows 2003 platform within a very short timeline. We were then given more business opportunities to assist the same customer to carry out other upgrade projects, such as enhancing their IT security and systems' inter-operability onto newer technological platforms.

  • Wall-to-wall (W2W) Asset Verification and Management Project (Customer: An International Japanese Electronics Conglomerate)

    Upon winning their IT Service Desk and On-site support deal, our team of IMAC Engineers conducted the W2W exercise during the transitioning phase. With the updated IT inventories, our IT Support team is able to deliver higher service levels to our customer. Similarly, we have conducted many other major W2W projects for other customers.

  • Lotus Notes Clients Migration (Customer: An International Japanese Electronics Conglomerate)

    We assisted our customer to migrate the Lotus Notes client software to a higher release. The team of highly charged and technical engineers completed the migrations ahead of our customer's expectation. We also became their preferred IT Outsourcing partner for many of their IMAC projects.

  • Windows 2000 to Windows XP Upgrade (Customer: An International Japanese Electronics Conglomerate)

    As their preferred IT Outsourcing partner, we have also carried out and completed the Windows Operating System's upgrades for this customer with great success.

  • IT Relocation (Customer: Another International UK Based Life Insurance Company)

    We were instrumental in helping the Insurer to relocate their end user computers, printers and photocopying equipment. We plan, conduct site surveys and preparations, project manage, disconnect, pack, transport (with insurance coverage), unpack, connect and test before handing back to customers. The team of movers, technicians and engineers perform with clock-work precision, and with synergy to ensure the systems are up and running without any hassle for the users. We then have some technicians or engineers standby on-site on the following working day. Our IMAC team is regularly involved in IT relocation projects for various customers.

  • PC Sanitization Project (Customer: A Media and Broadcasting Organization)

    Our team of dedicated and trained engineers performed the hard-disk sanitization for all their decommissioned desktops onsite prior to their disposals.

  • Regional Microsoft Active Directory Migration (Customer: An International UK Based Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Company)

    We assigned an experience IT Project Manager to compliment the customer's IT team to project manage their regional Active Directory exercise.

  • Regional Data Centre Consolidation (Customer: An UK Based International Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Company)

    We also assigned an experience Senior IT Project Manager (PMP) to compliment the client's IT team to project manage their regional Data Centre consolidation exercise.

  • Core Banking Project (Customer: A Major Bank, Singapore)

    We assigned a number of experienced and dedicated IT Project Managers to compliment the bank’s IT team to project manage their Core Banking in the region. All our personnel received very good compliments from our customer on their performance and contributions.

  • IT Security Policy Deployment Project (Customer: An International IT Vendor for A Major Bank in Singapore)

    We assigned a number of dedicated IT Engineers to compliment the Vendor's project team to deploy the new Desktop Security Policy for the entire bank. The project was completed timely with some of the team members receiving very good compliments from the Vendor's project team.

SAP Professional Services

While this is our new core business, we successfully helped our client (Customer: Industrial Landlord, Singapore) to engage a number of experienced SAP Professionals with the right technical and functional skills to support their SAP project. These personnel were selected through stringent selection criteria by our Recruitment Specialist to meet the client’s requirements. More customers have since approached us for such services.

Staffing Solutions and Recruitment Services

As a Best-of-Breed IT Staffing and Recruitment outfit, we have successfully identified and engaged many talented and skilled IT Professional to compliment our customer’s IT team. In addition, we have also provided the right candidates to these customers to meet their IT resource needs (from Junior to Top IT Management candidates). With our large database of IT profiles and in-depth network in the IT industry, we are ready to meet each of our customer's specific needs.

Some of the customers with such engagements include:
  • Aviva Asia
  • Chubb Assurance
  • DBS Ltd
  • IBM Singapore
  • Jurong Town Corporation
  • Maybank Singapore
  • MediaCorp Group of Companies
  • Prudential Assurance (Singapore) and many other customers

Talk to us and discover how to get the optimized and tailored solution, or suitable talents for your organization. We invite you to feel and experience the personalized service of Thatz.